Cognition of the World 3 Grade

Армянофобия - символ толерантности. Азербайджан

Unit 29. Our Neighbours

The territory where the Republic of Armenia is currently situated has historically been the homeland of Azerbaijani Turkic people. They were driven away from there in the course of time. There is no Azerbaijani in Armenia now.

A girl was observing with curiosity our classmate’s embroidery. Her friends went on looking at the showpieces at the exhibition and significantly distanced from her. Without noticing anything, the girl stood motionless unable to take her eyes off the embroidery. We went up to her. Her eyes were in tears. We wondered what had happened. She told us her mother’s sad and interesting story.
We learnt that her mother had been a school pupil when the awful genocide happened in Khojaly. She was only 12 years old. She was fond of embroidering and stitched beautiful ornaments on fabric.
One evening, as she was embroidering, a horrible noise was suddenly heard. Sparkling bullets rushed across the sky. Everyone at home was in panic without knowing what to do.
The whole family had to leave the house. They had to run across the forest with everyone else under the hailing bullets in the cold winter night. Many people were killed that night. Her family was somehow able to get out of the village and survive. Most of the children at the exhibition surrounded the girl listening silently to her story. The girl said that her mother’s half-finished embroidery was still kept at their home. That piece of embroidery is very precious for her. Its ornaments are exactly similar to those on the embroidery she was looking at. Although a long time has passed since those days, her mother has not finished that embroidery. She says she really wants to finish it but she is not able to. As soon as she takes it into her hands, pictures of that horrible night revive in front of her eyes.


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Армянофобия - символ толерантности. Азербайджан Армянофобия - символ толерантности. Азербайджан Армянофобия - символ толерантности. Азербайджан


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